Our Charity Efforts

Eddison McRoberts created this website as a means to fundraise for charity through the sale of childrens books. SNEAKING TREATS is his debut work. The author is donating all net proceeds from all book sales (net of publishing, marketing and illustrating costs) to his favorite charity, Ethiopia Reads, which supports teaching underprivileged Ethiopian children the power of literacy through the creation and ongoing support of rural non-profit libraries.

Help them understand the power of reading with your purchase!

Learn more about Ethiopia Reads by visiting their website at www.ethiopiareads.org

Not keen on donating money? That’s why we created this book sales idea – we don’t just ask for donations… we trade a tangible product for you to enjoy. SNEAKING TREATS includes moral teachings on several levels… some obvious and some more hidden… wrapped up in a halloween mystery for you to unwind.

If you’re not up for a purchase you can still help!  Like us on facebook!  Leave a positive review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble!  Above all, tell your friends and family where to find us 🙂