Sneaking Treats

“Sneaking Treats: Tales of the Pumpkin Wraith” is now available!

This is the debut edition of the new childrens book by Eddison McRoberts and Jessica Gadra.

SNEAKING TREATS (Tale of the Pumpkin Wraith)


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Sneaking Treats is the Halloween tale of a candy-obsessed Prince. After a clumsy accident, he becomes so angry with himself that he inadvertently shoes away his own shadow. With the story given life by the remarkable artistry of Jessica Gadra, the royal family’s search becomes a playful game of hide-and-seek, the young boy’s shadow cleverly hidden among the illustrations’ intricate details. But whether the Prince will ultimately be reunited with his scorned ‘Self’ is not the only mystery that haunts the many twists and turns of the royal castle.


“The Prince couldn’t sleep. ‘Where would I go if I were feeling unappreciated,’ he thought. Unable to come up with the answer, he decided to sneak downstairs for a treat from the Hallowed Cauldron of Candy, singing softly as he went:

‘The Good King warns to keep our faith

Or risk the wrath of the Pumpkin Wraith

But tempted by the sticky sweets

We steal away their trick-or-treats

And risk the wrath of the Pumpkin Wraith

We’ll risk the wrath of the Pumpkin Wraith’

“And THAT’S when he heard a noise…”